Nominated 100 Musts in Mexico!

2015 Nomination 100 Musts of MexicoWow!  Received the nomination announcement for hotel division. today!

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Limoncello. . .Hot Weather Respite!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy friend Susan just returned from a month-long trip to the Mediterranean with a wonderful sojourn through Italy.  There, she tasted limoncello for the first time; and I vicariously relived my first taste of limoncello.  Icy cold liquid sunshine.  Perfect for our too-warm Mexican evenings.  As if to urge us along, lucious yellow lemons are in the markets now.  Let’s make some!  Could we wait the three to six months for it to be ready?   Well, . . .no!   Here is the recipe I devised for Impatient Limoncello;  a short-cut version for impatient folks.    Keep the limoncello in your freezer, ready to Enjoy!  Serve limoncello straight up or over ice, the traditional way; or my favorite for warm weather — limoncello tonic:  2 oz limoncello on ice with 8 – 10 oz tonic water. Continue reading

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What’s for Breakfast – Mexico Style!

Tamales for BreakfastWhat’s for breakfast at a B&B in Mexico?

 Here is a sampling!

Eggs & Shrimp in Tamales

A tamale is comfort food in Mexico!  Chili rellenos are another and a favorite.   Here, we stuff a poblano chili with eggs, shrimp & queso.  Then place it inside an opened tamale. Add fresh fruit to the plate and a ripe, lucious avocado.   Served with salsas de la casa, including fresh roasted tomato, roasted  tomatillo and roasted jalapeno.  Offer Valentina’s or Huichol sauces.  Delicioso!


Tamale ingredientsGetting Tamale Ready

Tamales for BreakfastGuests Ready for Breakfast

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Getting to Jaltemba Bay

Transportation from the PV airport to Guayabitos B&B

There are many options for getting to Jaltemba Bay and most of them are easy for the average traveler:  Taxi, Van Services, Car Rentals, Local Bus Service.  For the uninitiated traveler, using a van service pick up makes it easy!  Let us know and we will refer you to our trusted local service.  We also have a favorite car rental agency with great service.  For experienced travelers, using a combination local taxi and regional bus service is a great way to travel.  Instructions in English and Spanish for taxi drivers.

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Perfect Weather ~ Sunshine!

Jaltemba Bay Weather!

SunshineAlways some sunshine!

We are 45 kms north of Puerto Vallarta airport in the center of the Riviera Nayarit coastline. Our area is usually a little cooler than PV with a little less humidity.

                                           November to May averages
                                          Highs 80-85F  / 27 – 29C     Lows 62-68F  / 18-21C     very little rain.

                               On Google Earth we are 21.0207.91N & 105.1522.51 W

Look for us!

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